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Information Theory
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We live in the information society. The main aim of this book is to describe the basic ideas of information theory, answering questions such as how may we transmit and store information as compactly as possible, what is the maximum quantity of information that can be transmitted by a particular channel or network, and how can security be assured? It covers all the basic ideas of information theory and sets them in the context of current applications. These include Shannon’s information measure, discrete and continuous information sources and information channels with or without memory, source and channel decoding, rate distortion theory, error correcting codes and the information theoretical approach to cryptology. Throughout the book special attention has been paid to multiterminal or network information theory. This text will be of use to advanced undergraduates and graduate students in electrical engineering and computer science.

Information Theory

作者: Lubbe, Jan C.A.Van Der
译者: Hoeve, Hendrik Jan
出版年: 1997-6
页数: 364
定价: $ 79.10
ISBN: 9780521467605

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